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Opened in Yomitan Village in July 2020,
Hoshino Resorts BANTA CAFE is one of the
largest seaside cafes in Japan,
where you can enjoy Okinawa-style sweets and food
while admiring the spectacular view of Okinawa.
Hoshino Resorts BANTA CAFE

Along the west coast of Yomitan Village, which is located in the central area of Okinawa Prefecture about an hour's drive from Naha Airport, Hoshino Resorts BANTA CAFE, a seaside cafe with a site area of 1,600㎡, has opened its doors in July 2020. The premises are divided into four areas that feature the natural coastal terrain, and each area offers a magnificent view of Okinawa. You can also enjoy different scenery depending on the time of day you visit. In the morning, the colors of the ocean are especially beautiful, and in the evening, you can watch the setting sun and the changing colors of the sky.

©Hoshino Resorts
Four areas where you can spend your time in variety of ways

The premises of BANTA CAFE are divided into four unique areas: the "Oyane Deck," the "Seaside Terrace," the "Rocky Terrace," and the "Gorogoro Lounge," allowing visitors to spend their time as they please in their favorite spot that suits their mood of the day.


The "Oyane Deck " appears right in front of you as soon as you enter the entrance. From this area, which makes you feel as if you are on the deck of a ship, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape and the sound of echoing waves and wind.

©Hoshino Resorts

Photo: Oyane Deck

Of the four areas in BANTA CAFE, the "Seaside Terrace" is the closest to the ocean. The pavilions scattered along the walking path are decorated with cushions on Ryukyu tatami-motif flooring, creating a very Okinawan atmosphere.

©Hoshino Resorts

Photo: Seaside Terrace

The "Gorogoro Lounge" is perfect for those who want to spend a relaxing time. This area has comfortable sofas where you can lie down and enjoy the view of the ocean. It is also equipped with WIFI and power outlets, so it is a great area to work on your computer or other devices.

©Hoshino Resorts

Photo: Gorogoro Lounge

The "Rocky Terrace" is an area surrounded by native plants, where you can enjoy being in the nature. You can hear the sound of the ocean and birds chirping, and it is a pleasant area to spend time in summer as well. There are wooden decks, rocking chairs, and tables behind large rocks that make you feel as if you are in a secret base.

©Hoshino Resorts

Photo: Rocky Terrace

Menu items with vivid Okinawan colors

The concept of BANTA CAFE’s café menu is "one-hand food that can be easily enjoyed at the seaside,” and many of the menu items are colorful and look great against the scenery of the seaside. Ingredients such as purple sweet potatoes, mangoes, pineapples, and bitter gourds that often remind you of Okinawa are also incorporated in the menu.


Photo: from the left “Bukubuku Jelly Soda,” “Chulato (shikuwasa & purple sweet potato),” “Pork Egg Onigiri (rice ball).”

One of the most popular drinks is "Bukubuku Jelly Soda.” This drink was inspired by the traditional Okinawan tea "bukubuku-cha," and features fluffy bubbles on the surface and colorful jellies floating in it. “Pork Egg Onigiri (rice ball),” which can be considered as an Okinawan soul food, is also popular.


A gelato named "Chulato," is made from ingredients beloved in Okinawa, such as purple sweet potatoes, shikuwasa, and brown sugar. It can be decorated with toppings like purple sweet potato and bitter gourd chips, and chinsuko, a traditional Okinawan sweet.

There are also events held annually

Every autumn, BANTA CAFE holds "Yachimun Market by the Sea" showcasing Okinawan pottery "Yachimun". In winter, "Illumi-Banta: Night Light by the Sea" is held, and the entire site from the top of the cliff to the sea is bathed in light as the sea and lush vegetation in the premises are illuminated. You can enjoy spending time at the cafe in many different ways, depending on the time of year you visit.

【バンタカフェ】イルミーバンタ 全景パース.jpg
©Hoshino Resorts

Photo: Illumi-Banta: Night Light by the Sea

BANTA CAFE offers an exceptional view of the endlessly stretching cobalt blue ocean and the dramatic evening scenery of the sun setting over the ocean. The hours of operation changes according to the time of sunset, so it is recommended to check their website before visiting.

【バンタカフェ】全景 海から.jpg

Hoshino Resorts BANTA CAFE

Address: 560 Gima, Yomitan, Nakagami District, Okinawa 904-0327

Mapcode:「33 881 570*86」
Tel: +81-98-921-6810
IG : @banta_cafe

©Hoshino Resorts

Posted on 2023/2/10

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