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【活動已完結 | Ended】

asiri cafe
北海道LOVES沖繩 | Hokkaido LOVES Okinawa

Food Ingredients

由5月1日至5月31日,位於鰂魚涌的北海道餐廳asiri cafe 現正舉行「北海道LOVES沖繩」的活動!在活動期間,餐廳推出了使用融合了北海道和沖繩特色的菜式,包括沖繩豚角煮湯咖哩、北海道×沖繩芭菲和沖繩天婦羅等。




餐廳更將在沖繩中非常流行的「1000ベロ」帶到來香港!「1000ベロ」的意思是「以1000日元享受美味食物和飲料,輕鬆放鬆的意思。」,而今次餐廳就推出了100 Chill,只要用100元就能享受到兩杯自選酒精飲料(包括充滿南國風情的沖繩香檸SOUR)、北海道炸雞串和沖繩魷魚天婦羅,非常超值!喜歡喝酒的話,亦可以嘗試梅酒3種組合,一次試3款又有沖繩特色又有北海道特色的梅酒!


現在在餐廳裏亦放了各種沖繩的旅遊資料,回答有關活動的問卷後,更可獲得沖繩小禮物一份!想體驗一下北海道×沖繩的話,就記得在5月内到訪asiri cafe啦~



 asiri cafe「北海道LOVES沖繩」





From May 1st to May 31st, the Hokkaido restaurant Asiri Cafe (@asiricafehokkaido) located in Quarry Bay is holding the "Hokkaido LOVES Okinawa" event! During the event, the restaurant is offering dishes that blend the characteristics of Hokkaido and Okinawa, including Okinawa Pork Soup curry, Hokkaido x Okinawa Parfait, and Okinawa-style tempura.


The Okinawa Pork Soup Curry combines the famous Okinawan dish of braised pork and Hokkaido soup curry. The braised pork contains collagen, which is essential for beauty, while the spices in the curry have a nourishing and strengthening effect on the body and can regulate the digestive system, making it a healthy dish to eat. The batter used for the Okinawa-style tempura is very special, and it tastes great with the dipping sauce. The Hokkaido x Okinawa parfait is made with Hokkaido matcha milk ice cream and Okinawan brown sugar ice cream, as well as delicious Japanese-style sweets such as Okinawan purple sweet potato and Hokkaido red bean.


The restaurant is also bringing the popular "1000 ベロ" from Okinawa to Hong Kong! "1000ベロ" means "enjoy delicious food and drinks for 1000 yen and relax easily". This time, the restaurant is offering "100 Chill", where you can enjoy two glasses of your choice of alcoholic drinks (including the Shikuwasa sour which you can have a taste of tropical flavor), Hokkaido Zangi Chicken skewers, and Okinawan-style squid tempura for only HKD 100, which is great value for money! If you like to drink, you can also try a combination of three types of plum wine, which have both Okinawan and Hokkaido characteristics.


The restaurant has also put up various Okinawan travel information, and after completing a questionnaire about the event, you can receive a small Okinawan gift! If you want to experience the fusion of Hokkaido and Okinawa, be sure to visit Asiri Cafe in May!




Asiri Cafe "Hokkaido LOVES Okinawa"

Date: May 1st, 2023 to May 31st, 2023

Address: Shop 1A, G/F, Hon Way Mansion, 11 Hoi Kwong Street, Quarry Bay

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