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【活動已完結 | Ended】

Shochu & Awamori Promotion Month

Food Ingredients

為慶祝11月1日的「燒酎・泡盛日」,Shochu & Awamori Promotion Group將在11月期間在香港舉辦「Shochu & Awamori Promotion Month」活動,期間將會有超過30間餐廳和酒吧在11月內提供使用了燒酎和泡盛的飲品!





To celebrate "Shochu & Awamori Day" on November 1st, the Shochu & Awamori Promotion Group will organise the "Shochu & Awamori Promotion Month" in Hong Kong throughout November. During this month, over 30 restaurants and bars will be offering drinks made with Shochu and Awamori.

The participating restaurants and bars have crafted special menus, featuring not only traditional Shochu and Awamori serve styles like on the rocks, with water or with soda but also some unique cocktails.

Visit the following website to explore information about the participating restaurants and bars and their Shochu & Awamori offerings:

About Shochu & Awamori

Shochu is a distilled liquor mainly made from various ingredients (mostly potatoes, wheat, rice, brown sugar, soba) and koji malt produced mainly in the Kyushu region. Awamori is a distilled liquor originating from Okinawa, made from black koji mold and indica rice. Both shochu and awamori are genuine Japanese liquors that have been produced for over 500 years. They can be served at various temperatures and pair well with many ingredients, enjoyable before, during or after a meal. 1st November is designated as "Shochu and Awamori Day", and the brewing preparations begin in August-September, so new Shochu and Awamori of that year becomes available around this date.

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