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Department Store Ryubo is located right in front of Kokusai-dori Street. Did you know that there is a store inside the department store where you can find unique gifts from inside and outside of Okinawa? Find out more about the store, which is perfect for finding unique souvenirs as well as gifts for yourself!
Resort Department Store

Located on the second floor of Department Store Ryubo, the concept of Resort Department Store (樂園百貨店) is based on four themes: good things from Okinawa, Japan, and the world, and also things that are good for the body. The items lined up at the store are carefully selected by the store’s buyers. In hopes of providing travelers with an uplifting travel experience and locals with an extraordinary one, the store is creative not only in the products it offers but also in the way it presents its sales floor.


Photo: provided by Resort Department Store

Lined up in the spacious store are a wide range of products, including Okinawan pottery "Yachimun," accessories, clothing, small articles, and food products. The products are so unique that they make you want to take your time to look at each item individually. They hold a pop-up in a part of the store every month that is appropriate for the season.









Photo 1: Tableware with unique and charming patterns by Atelier Quccane.
Photo 2: “Ryukyu Kafu Dolls”. These dolls have salt inside and are like guardian deities of the house. Each of them is made by hand.
Photo 3: “Goat Milk Cookie”. Goat milk is boiled down to a paste before being kneaded into the dough, so the smell of goat milk is almost non-existent. Many customers come back for these cookies.
Photo 4: “Churabana Tea”: 100% Okinawa-produced, pesticide-free tea that has won first place in the Japanese-grown Tea Grand Prix for three consecutive years.

Resort Department Store Bios

On April 19, 2022, Resort Department Store Bios opened as an original brand of Resort Department Store, based on the concept of beauty and health. The sales floor adjacent to the Resort Department Store carries a variety of products, including prefecture-produced skincare products with a focus on inner beauty, tea, and dry food made from superfood. There are also cosmetics made with shell ginger, a plant widely popular in Okinawa.


Photo: provided by Resort Department Store





Photo 1: Essential oils with the scent of shell ginger and shikuwasa, original products of Resort Department Store, and room mists, soaps, bath salts, etc. made based on these essential oils.
Photo 2: Cosmetics made with shell ginger.


In addition to Resort Department Store Bios, Resort Department Store also has another original brand called "OKINAWA the RYUKYU". This brand was born in the hope of introducing Okinawa’s high-quality products and culture.


Photo: provided by Resort Department Store

The most popular product of OKINAWA the RYUKYU is "Shurijo Monaka”. Monaka is a traditional Japanese sweet with red bean paste sandwiched between two thin wafers made from rice cake. This Shurijo Monaka is an original product of Ryubo Industry, the company that operates Resort Department Store, and is made in the shape of the central building of Shurijo Castle. There are four flavors: salt red bean paste & cream using Okinawa sea salt, brown sugar, purple sweet potato, and shikuwasa. The package is printed with the artwork of "Shurijo Castle" by Bingata artist Hiroji Kinjo, and when several boxes are connected, they form a picture of a single poster. The products are only available here at Resort Department Store, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated for the restoration of Shurijo Castle.


Photo: “Shurijo Monaka”

There are also many other products that are full of Okinawan characteristics, making it perfect for those looking for souvenirs.





Photo 1: “Ryukyu Brown Sugar Box”. Bite-sized brown sugar in a box decorated with one of three different beautiful Bingata patterns. Each box contains three flavors of brown sugar: pineapple, shell ginger, and shikuwasa.
Photo 2: “Purple Sweet Potato Komachi”. Pound cake made with plenty of purple sweet potatoes grown in Okinawa; moderately sweet yet very satisfying.

Resort Department Store hopes to increase the number of original products in the future by creating products with Okinawan quality. Keep your eyes open for what unique Okinawan products will be available in the future.

Rakuen Cafe

Rakuen Café, located next to Resort Department Store, offers a café menu using Okinawan vegetables and other Okinawan ingredients, and also has menu items that can be enjoyed by people with vegan diets. It is open from 8:00 AM and alcohol is served during the evening hours. Enjoy a relaxing time at Rakuen Cafe before or after shopping.


Photo: provided by Resort Department Store





Photo 1: Vegetable Taco Rice. Photo 2: Red Smoothie (Photos provided by Resort Department Store)


Resort Department Store

Address: 2F Department Store Ryubo, 1-1, 1 Chome, Kumoji, Naha, Okinawa
Tel: +81-98-867-1171 (main number)
IG : @resortdept

Posted on 2023/7/26

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