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Ogimi Village in northern Okinawa is known as the "Village of Shikuwasa" as well as the "Village of Longevity". In this village, there is a facility called Shikuwasa Park where you can experience the charm of shikuwasa to the fullest. Let’s find out what you can do inside the Ogimi Shikuwasa Park!
Ogimi Shikuwasa Park

Shikuwasa is said to contain many components that are good for health and beauty. As a place to showcase the appeal of shikuwasa, Ogimi Shikuwasa Park opened its doors in April 2016. At the facility, visitors can enjoy the experiences related to shikuwasa, from watching the process of extracting shikuwasa juice, shopping at the souvenir area, to dining at the restaurant that serves dishes and desserts made with shikuwasa.


Photo: Ogimi Shikuwasa Park’s original character “Shi-nosuke”.

All you can drink shikuwasa juice! The "Dream Faucet" from which the shikuwasa juice comes out!

The "Dream Faucet" was installed based on the idea that customers may enjoy it if the actual juice comes out of the faucet. Turn on the faucet and you will get the shikuwasa juice right away. What is even more surprising is that the juice from this faucet is all-you-can-drink. Try and taste the special shikuwasa juice squeezed by Ogimi Shikuwasa Park's unique method. * When drinking the juice from the faucet, please use the cups provided. Please refrain from using your own containers or other items to take home.

Observe the process of extracting shikuwasa juice

At Ogimi Shikuwasa Park, the shikuwasa fruit is pressed within 24 hours after the farmers harvest it to keep it fresh. Visitors can look through a glass window to see the factory area of the facility and watch the process from washing the shikuwasa fruit to pressing it into juice. The main period when you can see the pressing of shikuwasa at the factory is from September to November, which is the harvesting season of shikuwasa. In other months, you can watch a video on a tablet to see how the factory runs. When you are observing the process, the staff will introduce the pressing process and the charm of shikuwasa to you. The information is mainly provided in Japanese, but the staff can also speak some simple English.

Shikuwasa juice tasting corner

Shikuwasa tastes different depending on when it is harvested. Ogimi Shikuwasa Park has a shikuwasa tasting corner where visitors can compare the tastes of shikuwasa harvested in September and December. Shikuwasa harvested around September is characterized by its bitterness and sourness. It is called "green-cut shikuwasa (青切りシークヮーサー)" because the fruit is not ripe yet and is still green in color. In contrast, shikuwasa harvested around December is characterized by its sweetness and orange color. By tasting shikuwasa from different harvest months, you can experience the difference in taste and nutrients contained in the juice.

Restaurant where you can taste dishes and desserts using shikuwasa

At the restaurant in the park, menus such as pasta, pizza, and sweets made with shikuwasa are offered. Their original pizzas are baked authentically, and are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Sweets offered include Mont Blanc and Tiramisu, which look so good that you'll want to take photos of them. You can also watch through the glass window as their in-house pastry chef makes the sweets. Among the various menu items, the most popular are the Mont Blanc and the Island Pork Don. Enjoy the special menu using shikuwasa, which you can only taste here at Ogimi Shikuwasa Park.



Photo 1: Mont Blanc. Photo 2: Tiramisu.

Souvenir corner with various shikuwasa products

At the souvenir corner, various products related to shikuwasa are sold, such as juice, jam, seasonings, baked sweets, cakes, and pizza made with shikuwasa powder. The most popular product in the shop is straight shikuwasa juice. Among the shikuwasa juice products, "Hatsushibori (初搾り)," which uses only the fruits harvested in September when the nobiletin content is at its richest and bottled, is popular.

Ogimi Shikuwasa Park is filled with the charm of shikuwasa, one of the fruits that represent Okinawa. Both adults and children can enjoy visiting the park, and it is also a perfect resting spot for a drive to northern Okinawa. Discover the charm of shikuwasa by visiting Ogimi Shikuwasa Park when you come to the northern part of Okinawa.


Ogimi Shikuwasa Park

Address: 1424-1, Tsuha, Ōgimi, Kunigami District, Okinawa



Posted on 2023/10/24

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