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【活動已完結 | Ended】

A Feast from
South Kyushu & Okinawa

Food Ingredients

The Hari Hong Kong聯同日本南九州各縣、沖繩縣與日本威士忌.日本酒專家 Mizunara: The Library,設計了一個使用了熊本、宮崎、鹿兒島和沖繩食材的料理套餐,讓顧客能在酒店裏的Zoku Restaurant和The Terrace中享受到南九州和沖繩出色的食材、燒酎和泡盛。

本次的限定菜式在2022年10月5日至11月4日期間供應,並分別有6道料理套餐和8道料理的Full Course套餐選擇。6道料理套餐包括了前菜(宮崎和牛配酢橘皮和魚子醬、熊本蟹配鍋巴醋飯和沖繩島海螺茶碗蒸配魚子醬及三文魚魚籽)、枝豆蓉・芥末Ceviche 鹿兒島竹筴魚配三文魚籽、脆炸鹿兒島豬腩配青蔥與秘魯黑辣椒醬、宮崎/沖繩黑鯛配獅子唐辛子・本菇・薄荷汁、龍蝦・芫荽籽精油配熊本白米和日本士多啤梨沖繩黑糖島豆腐。另外8道料理Full Course套餐則會加上宮崎A5和牛配柚子胡椒・紫蘇天婦羅和柑橘雪芭。

8道料理的Full Course價錢為1188港幣,6道料理的套餐價錢為888港幣。此外,為令客人用餐體驗更為豐富美滿,Mizunara: The Library 更為各種料理設計了使用了南九州各縣燒酎和沖繩泡盛的雞尾酒。惠顧Full Course的顧客可加428港幣享有7杯燒酎・泡盛餐酒搭配,而惠顧6道料理的套餐的顧客則可加398港幣享有6杯燒酎・泡盛餐酒搭配。


Zoku Restaurant & The Terrace

A Feast from South Kyushu & Okinawa


地址:灣仔洛克道330號The Hari Hotel 2樓

電話:2129 0338

WhatsApp:9502 1395

Zoku Restaurant & The Terrace at The Hari Hong Kong presents the South Kyushu & Okinawa Degustation Menu in partnership with Mizunara, the Whisky, Japanese Shochu & Awamori specialist, boasting the best ingredients from the prefectures of Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa. Available only for the dinner period from 5th October to 4th November, guests can opt for a six-course or eight-course menu curated by Chef de Cuisine Edwin Guzman. Each course will be complemented with the hand-picked cocktail, Shochu and Awamori selections to elevate and enhance the tasting experience.

The South Kyushu and Okinawa culinary journey will start with appetisers of Miyazaki Wagyu with Sudachi Zest and Caviar; Crispy Sushi Rice with Kumamoto Crab and Potato Salad; and Okinawa Sea Snail with Steam Japanese Egg, Caviar and Ikura Sauce. These dishes will then be followed by the masterful creations of Kagoshima Horse Mackerel with Salmon Roe, Edamame Purée and Wasabi Ceviche Sauce; Kagoshima Pork Belly with Bread Crumbs, Panca Chili and Spring Onion Salad; Kyushu Black Sea Bream with Fish Broth, Shishito and Mint; Wagyu A5 from Miyazaki; Kumamoto Rice with Lobster, Coriander and Sudachi Zest. The first dessert of Citrus Sorbet made with peach, tangerine and shochu from Kumamoto followed by Tofu Strawberry from Okinawa with strawberries from different parts of Japan infused with Okinawa brown sugar will bring this fascinating meal experience to a perfect end.

The six-course menu is priced at HK$888 per person with an option of an extra HK$398 to enjoy 5 cocktails, Shochu and Awamori pairing, while the eight-course menu (including Wagyu A5 and Citrus Sorbet) is priced at HK$1,188 per person with an option of additional HK$428 for an enjoyment of 6 cocktails, Shochu and Awamori pairing.

Prices are subject to a 10% service charge.

Zoku Restaurant & The Terrace

A Feast from South Kyushu & Okinawa

Event Period:October 5 to November 4, 2022

Address:The Hari Hoterl 2/F, 330 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

TEL:2129 0338

WhatsApp:9502 1395

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