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Awamori Hijacks
Hong Kong 2022

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Awamori Hijacks Hong Kong 2022

by Mizunara: The Library

Mizunara: The Library, a Japanese styled Specialist Whisky & Cocktail bar located in Wan Chai, is teaming up with different bars across Hong Kong to share the taste of Awamori, an alcoholic spirit produced in the islands of Okinawa. Check out the dates and locations of the bars where the Mizunara team will be showing up, and enjoy the deliciously made Awamori cocktails by visiting them!

About Mizunara: the Library:

It is a Japanese styled Specialist Whisky & Cocktail bar. Named after the unique Japanese Oak used for maturing Whisky in Japan, Mizunara: The Library represents an oasis of calm and refinement in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong for guests to enjoy Japanese hospitality.

About Awamori:

Awamori is the oldest distilled alcoholic drink in Japan, and is believed to be the predecessor of shochu (another distilled Japanese spirit). The technique for making awamori is said to have remained unchanged for over 500 years. Indica Thai rice is soaked in water and sprinkled with black koji mold, which is then fermented with water and yeast, before undergoing a single distillation to complete the process.


11 Jan (Tue): Bar Butler, 3-6pm

14 Jan (Fri): Gishiki lounge, 3-6pm

15 Jan (Sat): Bar De Luxe, 3-6pm

16 Jan (Sun): AWA AWA, 12-6pm

23 Jan (Sun): AWA AWA, 12-6pm

11 Feb (Fri): Kuromaru, 12-6pm

Stay tuned for updates as more locations will be added in the coming weeks!

You can also check out the latest information on Mizunara's Instagram @mizunarathelibrary


Mizunara: The Library呈獻 Awamori Hijacks Hong Kong 2022

位於灣仔的日式威士忌及雞尾酒專門酒吧Mizunara: The Library聯同不同的香港酒吧,向大家介紹沖繩泡盛酒。沖繩泡盛酒是是日本最古老的蒸餾酒,泡盛酒歷經500年歷史,其釀酒法幾乎沒有改變。泡盛酒使用了泰國米和黑麴菌,再加入水和酵母發酵,最後以單式蒸餾法製成。Mizunara的店員將會在以下日期*到訪不同的酒吧,為大家帶來美味的泡盛雞尾酒。

1月11日(二):Bar Butler 3-6pm

1月14日(五):Gishiki Lounge 3-6pm

1月15日(六):Bar De Luxe 3-6pm

1月16日(日):AWA AWA 12-6pm

1月23日(日):AWA AWA 12-6pm

2月11日(五): Kuromaru, 12-6pm

Mizunara: The Library是一間日式威士忌及雞尾酒專門店,他們以一種在日本獨有,用來釀造威士忌的橡木命名。此酒吧希望能在香港的石屎森林中,為顧客提供一個寧靜及優雅的空間,讓顧客能享受到日本的熱情好客。


你亦可以瀏覽此Instagram帳戶 @mizunarathelibrary,以取得最新資訊。

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