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Awamori Recipe

Awamori Fresh Chocolate

Berry Waffles

材料 | Ingredients: 

朱古力磚 100g

牛油 8g

淡忌廉 2湯匙

沖繩泡盛 2-3湯匙

朱古力粉 適量

100g chocolate bar

8g butter

2 tablespoon whipping cream

2-3 teaspoon Awamori

Cocoa powder (appropriate amount)

步驟 | Steps:

  1. 用刀將朱古力磚切碎,放在熱水上座熱至溶化備用。

  2. 在①的朱古力中加入牛油和淡忌廉,攪拌至軟滑,然後倒入泡盛拌勻。(可按照自己的喜好調整泡盛的份量)

  3. 在模具中鋪好牛油紙,再倒入②的朱古力,然後放入雪櫃中冷藏約1小時至凝固。

  4. 從雪櫃取出後用刀將生朱古力切成易入口的大小,再在每邊撒上可可粉。

  1. Cut the chocolate bar into small pieces with a knife and place it in a bowl. Prepare hot water in a separate bowl, and place the bowl with the chocolate over the hot water to melt the chocolate.

  2. Add the butter and whipping cream to ① and mix until smooth, then add Awamori and mix well. (You may increase or decrease the amount of Awamori to your liking. )

  3. Pour the mixture from ② into a mold lined with a piece of parchment paper, and refrigerate for about 1 hour to solidify.

  4. Cut ③ into easy-to-eat size pieces with a knife and sprinkle the cocoa powder all over the pieces using a tea strainer.

泡盛屬於蒸餾酒,含有的不純物較少,所以不容易引起宿醉。在100毫升,酒精含量15%的日本清酒中有103卡路里,但因泡盛不含糖分,100毫升的泡盛只有59卡路里。 此外,用黑麴菌釀造的泡盛酒經過3年或以上的儲藏就會成為「古酒」,「古酒」的口感柔和醇美,比普通的泡盛更為香醇。

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